Belladonna Jo (Haunene/Boris) AKKPS 16928 – IKHR 39195

AKKPS 16982
IKHR 39195
DOB 5/5/21
6/6 Teat Line

2 Wattles
2.8992% COI
Feb 2024 Weight 240 lbs

Jo is a beautiful Sow! This dual registered girl had her first litter of 7 in February. We lost 2 (no fault of hers). She was nursing and mothering during labor and has done amazingly with her piglets. She is a good sized girl with a beautiful face and confirmation.

We brought her in from Arkansa and we have been trying to build muscle and trust with her. We have moved mountains, and Jo loves fresh fruit and greens. She love snuggles and is really turning into a lovely pig. She is in the pasture with the other sows and showing amazing progress!

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