Libby (Jenny/Whakanui) AKKPS 22136

AKKPS 22136
DOB 12/10/21
6/6 Teat Line

0 Wattles
4.4578% COI

Libby has been exposed to Mario (BH Tutaki) and Mandrake (BH Tutaki). We are waiting to confirm she is in pig at the end of June. We will consider selling her as bred. Message for more info.

Libby is a sweetheart of a pig. She had her first litter of 4 in February and did not have any complications with labor, deliver, or mothering. In fact, she has a ton of milk and has done an amazing job.

She is a smaller sow but this hasn’t stopped her at all. We brought her in from a farm in Arkansas. She is up to date on her vaccinations, and wormer. We are weaning her kids now and working on getting more weight on her. She does need her feet trimmed, but isn’t a huge fan. We have been getting them little bits at a time.

IF you are looking for a breeding pair we have a boar available that would make a beautiful pairing with her.

The only reason we have chosen to re-home Libby is we are trying to cut back on our herd at this time. She is a great sow.

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