AKKPS Registered Kunekunes

Available KuneKune Pigs

We truly love every pig that has been here at Carlisle Acres and we want to see them thrive. We offer full mentorship and support for our customers.


If the piglets are listed below they are still available. When sold, the listing will be removed. All registered piglets can not go home until over 10 weeks of age, depending on the piglet we can make an exception for 8 weeks. A $200 deposit is required to hold your registered piglet. We do offer discounts on multiple pigs.

Once a deposit is made you will receive regular photo/video updates until your piglet(s) is ready to go home. We will coordinate with you the best time to pick up or transport your piglet(s) to you.

**If you are a farm that also raises registered Kunekune piglets we may be interested in a trade. Feel free to message us!


YOU MUST already own piglets or be purchasing a companion for your piglet.

Kunekunes do not do well as a single animal.

Please research the breed and their care before inquiring about purchasing piglets. Check our Getting Started Page

Read this article about Breeding pairs. We recommend starting with 2 gilts or 2 boars. If we don’t have an unrelated match, we know several other local farms with whom we will gladly put you in touch to make a registered match.




Please message us and we will send you photos an info of what is currently available. Barrows are available at a lower rate. The deposit for barrow is $125.

The cost of the barrow covers the cost of vet castration & vaccinations. Pet quality barrows are not something we have every litter. Please message us and we are happy to put you on the waiting list. Pet females will be sold only with a spay contract.

Adults & Proven Breeders

Message for more info. Contact for pricing and transport options. We reserve sale of our breeders to others that are currently breeding and have experience with the breed. Exposed sows are only to qualified/experienced homes.

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Upcoming Litters

At this time we do not accept deposits for unborn piglets, however, we are happy to notify you when a litter is born. The dates below are due dates (or proposed due dates).

Next Litter due July 16

Other future pairings include

Dates and pairings are tentative

  • Clara/Chumbawamba (Tapeka/Boris) (B) November
  • Eloise/Teague (Tarutaru/Whakanui) (B) November
  • Corina/Duncan (Sally/Tutanekai) (B) November
  • Princess/Chumbawamba (Kereopa/Boris (B) January
  • Aurora/Atlas (Aria Giana/Mahia Love) (B) January
  • Glory/Cypress (Jenny/Andrew) January