The boars are currently going through a bit of a shake-up. After many of them have hit a year old we have been able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses better.

We are currently only using Shadow, Apollo, Mario, and Luigi for breeding (although that is subject to change).



Shadow is one of our top breeding boars at this time. Even though he is young he knows his job and has thrown some large litters

Birthday: 3/10/2021
Bloodlines: Ru / Rebecca Gina
Wattles: 2
COI: 5.5%

AKKPS 15572

  • Eager Breeder
  • Proven Boar
  • Strong Shoulders & good Confirmation
  • Sweet Temperment


Mario is one handsome boar. He is medium sized. Not my largest, but he is my strongest. He can lift a fence panel or gate like no one else I have ever seen. LOL He is finally getting his chance with the ladies in a couple months and we can’t wait to see his offspring. He is the grandson of Barton Hill Tutaki Darrowby. The first UK Tutaki import.

Birthday: 4/6/2021
Bloodlines: BH Tutaki/ Rona
Wattles: 2
COI: 6.9%

AKKPS 16795

  • Gorgeous
  • Agouti Stripes as piglet
  • Very Sweet
  • Extremely muscular


Apollo came to us from Terra Santo farm in Alabama. He was the runt of his litter, which is shocking because he is a big guy. Our largest breeding boar and he isn’t done growing. We are expecting a litter sired by him in July.

Birthday: 3/29/2021
Bloodlines: Andrew/Jenny
Wattles: 2
COI: 13.5%

AKKPS 16284

  • Eager Breeder
  • Large Body
  • Floppy Ears
  • Agouti stripes as baby

Under Observation

These boars are under observation for various reasons. They will not be purposefully used for breeding at this time or they are just growing out.


raymond is the first boar we brought home. We have learned a thing or two since then. While he is a large boar. His confirmation and personality are not up to our breeding standards. These are reasons why we aren’t currently breeding him.

Birthday: 2/8/2021
Bloodlines: Andrew/Jenny
Wattles: 2
COI: 5.5%

AKKPS 15424

  • Large Boar
  • Ginger swallowbelly


Pongo is one of my personal favorites when it comes to personality. He is just like a puppy. He loves everyone! We recently learned that his mother is deaf, and we are afraid he may be too. This disqualifies him as a breeder, however, due to a loose fence panel we may end up with pongo babies anyway (Stay tuned).

Birthday: 3/28/2021
Bloodlines: Andrew/Jenny
Wattles: 2
COI: 4.7%

AKKPS 16195

  • Sweet as can be
  • Eager Breeder
  • Medium Sized Boar


Luigi is Mario’s brother and just as beautiful and sweet. The only reason he is under observation is that he does not have wattles. This does not disqualify him as a breeder, (in fact he could be a sire to Phoebe’s Litter)
however, since we own his brother we have no reason to breed both. Luigi is currently up for consideration for a new farm. Please message us for more info.

Birthday: 4/6/2021
Bloodlines: BH Tutaki/ Rona
Wattles: 0
COI: 6.9%

AKKPS 16787

  • Eager Breeder
  • Agouti Stripes as baby
  • Muscular
  • Amazing Personality (easy to handle)

Stuart Little

Stuart Little is pongos brother. We brought him home extremely ill and nursed him back to health. He will never be a breeder. Honestly, he is a pet and a mascot around here. We believe Stuart is deaf and has a hard time seeing sometimes. The other boars are gentle with him and love him just like we do.

Birthday: 3/29/2021
Bloodlines: Andrew/Jenny
Wattles: 2
COI: 4.7%

AKKPS 16191

  • Small
  • Sweet
  • One of the best!


Mr. Chunky Orion is our retained boar from Ophelia & Shadows Litter. We are hoping for him to be a future breeding boar here at Carlisle Acres. While he is just a baby Orion has amazing confirmation, double wattled, and is belted (carries the tapeka trait).

AKKPS 25160

Birthday: 4/21/2022
Bloodlines: Ru/Jenny
Wattles: 2
COI: 5.2%

  • Belted
  • Floppy ears
  • Amazing Growth Rate
  • Great confirmation