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Carlisle Acres is home to our herd of AKKPS Registered Kunekune Pigs. A small lard pig native to New Zealand that has our hearts. These grazing pigs are gentle, easy to manage, and a joy to snuggle. They also provide a unique gourmet pork that is exquisite. We are happy to sell amazing AKKPS Registered KuneKune Breeders and Pork.

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Considering owning kunekunes? These animals are amazing and deserve love and respect. Research their needs, feed, housing and more before you commit.

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Check out our ever growing collection of pork recipes that are perfect to use with our homegrown pasture raised kunekune pork.


Kunekune means “fat & round” in Maori. They are a small lard pig with wattles that originates from New Zealand. Once almost extinct, their numbers have increased thanks to registries in the US & Britain.

Buying a registered kunekune is necessary if you want to ensure that your pig is full kunekune. All registered pigs go through a parentage DNA test to verify they are 100% kunekune pig.

Kunekunes are a grazing pig which makes them perfect for homesteads. They are a slower growing heritage breed, and an easy keeper. They can be raised for breeding, meat, therapy pigs, and so much more.

I wish there was more space to answer. They are truly the most easy to manage, sweet tempered pig out there. We sit with them for hours and they just enjoy snuggles and company. They are entertaining, smart, low maintenance, and just all around awesome

When you get an a new animal socialization and temperament are important. Our kunekunes are socialized from day one. We will only sell breeders that are used to being handled, friendly, and love people. Our pigs/piglets have been around children, dogs, and other animals. On top of that we strive for excellence in confirmation and health. Giving you the best all around kunekune pig.