Small Scale heritage Farming

A small family owned a run farm focusing on raising heritage breeds including AKKPS Registered Kunekune pigs, Anatolian Shepherds, and more

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AKKPS KuneKune Pigs

This unique breed of grass-fed grazing pig originated from New Zealand, and after coming back from the brink of extinction has worked their way into our hearts.

Anatolian Shepherds

The best livestock guardian dogs with a side of Turkish delight.

A breed of dog not shared with the world until the 1930’s the Anatolian Shepherd is arguably the best Livestock Guardian dog! With their keen instincts, great size, and protective family friendly nature they are an integral part to our farm.

Meet theCarlisleFamily

5 People, 5 Acres, lots of animals, all the love

We established our family in 2000 and our homestead in 2018. Our 1970’s ranch home was in need of some updating and love and so was the property. Currently we are in the process of turning it in to our dream home while making our property more self sustainable with fruit trees, animals, and gardens.

Sweet as Honey

Bears love honey and so do we!

We are dabbling in homestead beekeeping. Just got our first honey this year and we are hoping to share more of the experience and rewards with everyone.

Members Of

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