Pasture Raised Kunekune Pork

Custom cut pastured kunekune pork shares available in North Florida

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Because we are a small batch swinery our availability for pork shares is limited.

If you are interested in our next processing dates or would like to get your name on our waiting list please click the button and fill out the form. We will be reaching out with more info.

The kobe beef of Pork

Pasture Raised Kunekune Pork Shares

Our Pasture Raised Kunekune Pork is unlike any other pork. The red marbled meat is worlds away from the “other white meat” at the grocery store. The nutritional benefits alone are amazing. Check out our 3 available Pork Shares below

40+ Lbs Kunekune Share – $400

2 Roasts
Smoked Ham Steaks
2 types of Sausage
Ground pork
1″ chops
+ Bonus cuts

$150 non-refundable deposit. Balance due at pickup/delivery.

$400 Total price for approx.
40 lbs+ of pasture grazed and raised heritage Kunekune pork

Whole Roaster – $400

One Kunekune Roaster perfect for your smoker, Caja China or luau style bbq.

Cleaned and whole/halved based on your preference. Average is about 60 – 75 lbs +-

$150 non-refundable deposit. Balance due at pickup/delivery.
$400 Total price.

Expect approx. 35-40 lbs of pasture grazed and raised heritage Kunekune pork

Custom Whole Hog

If you are looking to have a whole hog processed to your specifications we occasionally have full sized growouts available for purchase. These can be dropped off at the processor and you will be provided their contact information to choose your cuts. Message us for availability and pricing.

Price Comparison

Our antibiotic free, pasture raised kunekune pork is not comparable to anything you can find at the big grocery stores. This farm to table experience is natural, delicious, and full of nutrients and flavor.

We found antibiotic free pork at $9.97/lb from our local grocery store. Our pasture pork shares are $10/lb or less as we try to provide bonus cuts to our loyal customers, as well as other goodies in their share packages.

USDA Commodity Price Sheet

Because we value our customers and their hard earned money below you will find a link to the USDA Commodity Pasture Pork report. We use this as a tool to price our kunekune pork.