Here at Carlisle Acres we currently have 2 unregistered gilts, 8 registered gilts. We love all of our girls and only keep pigs that we feel are a great representation of the breed, have wonderful temperaments, and are naturally healthy.

Current bloodlines are Sally, Jenny, BH Rebecca Gina, Rona, Kereopa, and Haunene. We have 2 High Whites, 2 Banded/Belted Tri Color gilts if you are looking for Tapeka traited piglets.

Our unregistered gilts babies will become future meat/homestead pigs and companion pigs. All males will be castrated before sold, gilts will be sold with a spay agreement.

Registered Gilts


February 10, 2021 Akkps: 15829


Wattles: 0 COI: 4.4%

  • Stella is a love bug! This Ginger gilt with black spots is one of the first to come to snuggle and get belly rubs.
  • With her short nose and big ears, she has a face that is easy to fall in love with.
  • Due July with her first litter


February 5, 2021 AKKPS: 15118

Jenny/ Tutanekai

Wattles: 2 COI 8.4%

Luna is stunning. This Ginger with Cream agouti stripes has beautiful conformation. She is sweet but a little bashful until she gets to know you.

Luna is a swallow belly. She is the grand-daughter of Maui (the original Tutanekai import from New Zealand)

Due July with her first litter.


January 26, 2021 Akkps: 16147


Wattles: 0 COI: 5.7%

  • Ophelia is a beautiful banded tri-color gilt. She is a fast grower. In fact she is one of our largest gilts for her age.
  • She has large ears, and a longer body and nose compared to some of our other gilts.


January 26, 2021 AKKPS: 16146

Jenny/ Tonganui

Wattles: 0 COI 5.7%

Phoebe is Ophelia’s sister. They are from the same litter. She was smaller than Ophelia but has since caught up. She has a unique black circle around one eye. Phoebe is a tri-color belted girl.

Lottie Dottie

April 6, 2021 Akkps: 16260

BH Rebecca Gina/Whakanui

Wattles: 2 COI: 4.1%

  • Lottie Dottie is a High White that likely carries the Tapeka trait
  • She came to us from Higher Ground Homestead in Alabama and has adjusted perfectly.


June 13, 2021 AKKPS: 18195


Wattles: 2 COI 4.5%

This ginger girl is full of personality. Not only is Calypso a big girl that has an amazing body structure, she loves to talk to you. This little Calli-gator loves snacks, laying in the sun, and kisses. She has a unique cow-lick on her back.

So far she has shown an amazing growth rate. Can’t wait to see how she sizes up at a year old.


June 21, 2021 Akkps: 18210


Wattles: 2 COI: 3.6%

  • This girl is petite for now, but she has a huge personality. Celeste is one of the most snuggly girls.
  • Her unique all-cream color is practically white and she loves mud!

Vanilla Bean

October 29, 2021 AKKPS: 22410

Kereopa/Mahia Love

Wattles: 1 COI 9.5% Teets: 5/6

A beautiful HighWhite Banded Tri-color girl, Vanilla Bean’s fun trait is one wattle. Honestly, I believe she had 2 at one point, but maybe lost one (even in utero).

She is a newer addition here but has an amazing temperament and personality. This girl also loves to eat. Can’t want to watch her grow.

Unregistered Sow/Gilt (non-breeders)


January 15, 2021

Unregistered Wilsons Gina

Wattles: 0

  • Tiana is my big mama. While she is not registered she does come from registered lines. Her registration status does not take away from her piggieness.
  • Tiana is our fastest grower. She is a beautiful Black with White.
  • Tiana will no longer be bred due to her aggressiveness with her first litter.


January 26, 2021

Unregistered Wilsons Gina

Wattles: 0

Miss Leeny Lou here is one of my favorites. This Black gilt with ginger spots knows her name, knows cuddles, and even dances for snacks.

She smells like maple syrup when she is happy and is Tiana’s half sister. She is all around an amazing girl!

Unfortunately due to her sister’s aggressiveness with her first litter, we have decided not to breed any unregistered pigs.