Breeding Sows

Here at Carlisle Acres we currently have 13 sow bloodlines. We love all of our girls and only keep pigs that we feel are a great representation of the breed, have wonderful temperaments, and are naturally healthy.

We have retained a couple gilts from litters born here and we can’t wait to improve on our existing lines! We strive to build a name for Carlisle Acres Kunekunes that sets us apart from other breeders.

Current Bloodlines

*R = rare

  • Jenny
  • Sally
  • Rona
  • BH Rebecca Gina (R)
  • Tapeka
  • Wilsons Gina
  • Trish
  • Haunene (R)
  • Kereopa
  • Momona (R)
  • Aria Giana
  • Tarutaru (R)
  • Rebecca Gina

Registered Sows