At this time we do not accept deposits for unborn piglets, however, we are happy to notify you when a litter is born.

  • The dates below are due dates (or proposed due dates).
  • Piglets can not go home until at least 8 weeks of age. We will keep with the mother as long as needed for the health of the piglets.
  • Kunekunes are herd animals. We will not sell only one piglet if you do not already own a kunekune. Please inquire about our companion options and breeding pair options.
  • All registered piglets sold will be registered through the AKKPS, even if only being sold as Pet/Homestead pigs.
  • If a male registered pig is sold as pet/homestead it will leave here as a barrow.
  • DNA and Registration will happen in a timely manner. We are aware of processing delays and don’t want anyone to have to wait longer than necessary.
  • We try to raise our pigs and piglets in a natural and holistic manner. However, we are aware that there are times when medical intervention is necessary. If you have any questions about how we raise our kunekunes please feel free to ask.
  • Once a deposit is made you will receive regular photo/video updates until your piglet(s) is ready to go home. We will coordinate with you the best time to pick up or transport your piglet(s) to you.
  • Your piglet(s) will be socialized. Expect them to be used to love and snuggles because we are very hands-on with our animals.


Registered Kunekunes start at $500 and go up depending on bloodlines, traits, etc. Registered barrows start at $300.

Once the piglets have been born and evaluated they will be listed here on the website with photos and pricing. If you have emailed to be on the waiting list, you will be emailed the piglet’s info. They will be able to be reserved with a deposit on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deposits for registered piglets are $200.

We accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle as forms of payment.


We are open to trades. If you have AKKPS registered piglets and are interested in trading feel free to contact us. We are also open to trading for homestead/farm equipment. Reasonable offers will be considered. Please reach out.


We know that not everyone lives around the corner, and that is ok. If you are purchasing a piglet please ask about our transport options. While we know there are livestock haulers all over the US that do a great job, we love our animals. We will personally transport them for a reasonable fee to ensure they are less stressed and cared for during their journey. We are currently only charging fuel costs within 6 hours of our location. Please contact to discuss anything further.

Akkps Registered

Ophelia & Shadow

Born April 21, 2022

Ophelia is a banded Jenny/Tonganui Gilt with an amazing growth rate and amazing personality. Her paring with Shadow, Ru Boar.

The piglets are HERE! 6 beautiful large piglets. (Only 3 left!!)

4 Boys and 2 Girls. Will be adding more photos and information. We are currently evaluating them for confirmation. I will have a list of available piglets soon.

Large Size (140 lbs at 1 year)

Tapeka Trait (Belted/Banded)

litter COI 5.2%

Akkps Registered

Phoebe & Luigi (pending verification)

Born June 21, 2022

Phoebe is one of our belted Jenny Gilts. She took advantage of a loose fence panel and we will not be 100% sure of litter sire until the piglets are here.

The Piglets are here 4 beautiful babies. 2 boys and 2 girls. More info and photos coming soon.

Possible combos are…

  • Phoebe/Luigi (BH Tutaki) 4.2% COI

Obviously, once the piglets are born we can evaluate them and send off DNA to narrow down the sire(s) of the litter.

Large Size (140 lbs at 1 year)

Tapeka Trait (Belted/Banded)

Stella & Apollo

Born July 15 2022

Stella (Sally) is going to have the cutest sweetest babies! We paired her with Apollo (Andrew) for a litter COI of 8.9%.

The babies are here! 4 double wattled cuties. 2 creams and 2 ginger and black. 1 gilt of each color and 1 boar of each color.

Stella is ginger with black and has the most perfect squish nose and ears. Apollo is long, sweet, and has the floppiest ears around. We can’t wait to see these babes.

Medium Sized Gilt



Akkps Registered

Luna & Raymond

Born July 16, 2022

Luna’s creamy ginger with Raymond’s Ginger swallow belly gave us a liter full of ginger and cream cuties. This Jenny/Andrew litter COI is 5.8%

Luna is a Ginger Swallowbelly that had the most unique stripes until she was a year old. Her hair is wavy and perfectly golden.

The babies are here. It was an unprecedented litter of 14!!! There are currently 12 live piglets that we are monitoring. Will be posting availability shortly

Medium Sized Gilt

Ginger Swallowbelly


Akkps Registered

Future LItters

We are planning for October piglets. Please reach out if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

More Planned Pairings

Next Up


Lottie Dottie & Mario

BH Rebecca Gina & BH Tutaki 4.7 COI
Expecting belted/banded/high white babies
Brown/White, Tri, Ginger, High White


Calypso & Shadow

Rona & Ru 4.8 COI
Expecting Black/white, ginger/black, cream, ginger


Celeste & Apollo

Haunene & Andrew 8.1 COI
Expecting Full Cream, Brown/White, Black/Ginger