Galileo (Tonganui/Haunene) AKKPS 23330 IKHR 39196

AKKPS 23330
IKHR 39196
DOB 2/8/22
5/5 Teat Line

2 Watttles
4.3281% COI

Leo came to us from a herd rescue we made in January. We brought in a herd from Arkansas that had been kept in less than ideal conditions. We are in the unique position to know the breeder of Leo and his original condition at 10 weeks of age. He was 32 lbs at 10 weeks. By the time we got him at a year he was only 85 lbs.

He was kept in a barn and fed only cracked corn. This effected him at critical growth points. He is gaining weight and getting healthier by the day. We will be using him as a sire to one of our fall litters. He is dual registered and has amazing genetic potential.

We are boar heavy at this time and would love to see him loved on a new farm that would understand that while he had a rough start he has the potential to throw beautiful piglets. Snag him at a reduced rate before he becomes a proven boar.

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