Celeste (Haunene/TeWhangi) AKKPS 18210 (DUAL)

AKKPS 18210
DOB 6/21/21
7/7 Teat Line

2 Watttles
2.3070% COI

Celeste is a unique gilt. This big girl is 2 years old. We are offering her for sale for a limited time. We have been trying to breed her with no luck. We have heard of this happening to other pigs and then they eventually take. We can find nothing wrong with her and have no explanation for her difficulty breeding. We will continue to try, but are willing to offer her to another farm to give it a shot there.

She is my unicorn pig. 7/7 teat line, dual registered, double wattled, solid cream, simply gorgeous. Our loss is your gain. Her price will reflect the difficulties we’ve had. Reasonably priced.

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