Punky (Rona/BH Tutaki) AKKPS 39949

AKKPS 39949
DOB 9/30/23
Rona/BH Tutaki
6/7 Teat Line

2 Wattles
2.5884% COI
11 lbs 6 week weight

This girl is adorable and full of personality. She is the busiest gilt in the litter. She is always running around playing with all her siblings, eating, and just getting into mischief. Punky is a blast to watch.

Due to her slightly smaller size we aren’t letting Punky head to her new home until 10 weeks or her growth rate improves. We are pulling her for extra feeds since her bigger siblings seem to be keeping her from eating as much.

She will not be ready for her new home until after December 5

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