Orion (Ru/Jenny) AKKPS 25160

AKKPS 25160
DOB 4/21/22
7/5 Teat Line

Tri (B)
2 Wattles
3.1699% COI
10/1/23 weight 160 lbs

Oh Orion! I love everything about this boar and I may change my mind. Like seriously, I think about removing him from the sale page every day!

He has sired one of the prettiest piglets on our farm, and has another litter on the way. We have also retained his brothers/sisters from other litters and at the time being he is too related to some of our sows/gilts for us to be comfortable keeping him if there is a fence break.

We have decided to offer Orion for sale to a perfect home. His parents are two of our all time favorites (Ophelia & Shadow). We are going to be picky about where this guy goes.

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