Luna (Jenny/Tutanekai) AKKPS 15188 – IKHR 38184

AKKPS 15188
IKHR 38184
DOB 2/5/21
6/6 Teat Line

2 Watttles
6.8481% COI

Luna is stunning. This Ginger with Cream agouti stripes has beautiful conformation. She is sweet but a little bashful until she gets to know you.

Luna is a swallowbelly. She is the grand-daughter of Maui (the original Tutanekai import from New Zealand)

Her first litter was a litter of 14!!! Her second litter was of 3 stunning piglets with the most unique coloration; Cream and Ginger, with brown Dalmatian spots. Her 3rd litter was a mix of solid creams and more spotted piglets.

She will be available when her babies wean around January 15th. We have an other sow and boar we could pair her with.

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