Luna (Jenny/Tutanekai) AKKPS 15188 – IKHR 38184

AKKPS 15188
IKHR 38184
DOB 2/5/21
6/6 Teat Line

2 Watttles
6.8481% COI

Luna is stunning. This Ginger with Cream agouti stripes has beautiful conformation. She is sweet but a little bashful until she gets to know you.

Luna is a swallowbelly. She is the grand-daughter of Maui (the original Tutanekai import from New Zealand)

Her first litter was a litter of 14!!! Her second litter was of 3 stunning piglets with the most unique coloration; Cream and Ginger, with brown Dalmatian spots. Her 3rd litter was a mix of solid creams and more spotted piglets.

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