Ophelia & Davey (Jenny/Ru) Due June 7 2024

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI): 3.3741%

This will be Ophelia’s fourth litter for us. She doesn’t disappoint. We are excited to see what she produces with our homegrown boar Davey Jones.

Ophelia gave birth to 8 babies on 6/9/24. 5 Boars and 3 gilts. All LARGE and doing beautifully

  • Tri (B) Unwattled Boar
  • Tri (B) Unwattled Boar
  • Cream (B) Wattled Boar
  • Cream (B) Wattled Boar
  • White/Black (B) Wattled Boar
  • Black/White Wattled Gilt
  • Brown/White Wattled gilt
  • Stillborn ginger gilt

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