Chumbawamba (Boris/Tapeka) AKKPS 39445

AKKPS 39445
DOB 9/18/23
6/7 Teat Line

Tri (B)
2 Wattles
8.9066% COI
3/18/24 – 106 lbs (6 Month weight)

Fate is a funny thing. While I wasn’t looking for a boar in particular, this little man found his way to me. Introducing Chumbawamba or Chumba for short. He came to us all the way from OHIO and Legacy Family Farm. Caitlin has some piglets that I have just fallen in love with and I could not say no to this little chunk.

Chumba will spend his days right here at Carlisle Acres. I couldn’t ask for a calmer boar with an amazing growth rate and body condition.

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