New to the whole Kunekune world? don’t know the exact steps? Its ok! Here is the purchasing process from start to finish

Step One

Head over to our Getting Started page and do some research. Make sure that you understand Kunekunes needs and that they are right for you.

Step Two

Check out our Available Pigs Page or Message us ([email protected] or via Facebook or Instagram) to see what are availability is and chat pigs. We love to help guide depending on your wants/needs and give some advice.

Step Three

Once you have chosen a pig and verified its availability it’s time to place a deposit. Head to our Deposit Information Page on how to do that.

Step Four

We will be in contact with you when we receive your information and deposit. We will then get the paper work together and send it via email.

Step Five

We will continue to update you regarding your pig/pigs until they are ready for pickup or delivery. We will help coordinate with you the best date/time/travel method, etc.

Step Six

Enjoy your new Kunekune. IF any questions or concerns arise with are here to mentor and help you for the life of the pig.

*If anything comes up and you are unable to care for your pig we appreciate the opportunity to purchase them back and/or help you find a suitable home for them.