We are just in the beginning stages of our farm. We hope to be able to accommodate farm visits and farm tours in the future, along with special events. However, we limit farm visits to piglet pickup only at this time. We do this for a few reasons…

  • Biosecurity (Pigs are susceptable to illness and disease and we strive to keep our herd as healthy as possible)
  • Safety
  • Time (It’s a commodity and running chores and caring for animals takes a lot of it)
  • Livestock Guardian Puppies in Training – They just don’t know they are puppies. They are big, loud, and need to learn some manners. LOL

If you have questions, please feel free to email or message us. We are happy to send pictures and videos and answer as many questions as possible.

We have our tech team (teenagers) working on setting up some live cams so that everyone can enjoy watching the piglets and animals throughout the day. Stay tuned for updates.