Why We Chose Kunekunes

I have been sitting here looking at baby pigs for months. Not joking. I knew I wanted to add pigs to our homestead and wanted something that was easy to handle. When I discovered Kune Kunes, I knew that this heritage breed was for us

Black and White Kunekune Gilt
Tiana, our oldest (by 2 weeks).

What are Kunekunes

Kunekunes are a breed of pig from New Zealand. Kunekune actually means “fat and round” in their native Maori language. They were almost extinct and have brought back from the brink by some dedicated and careful breeders. They are now raised all over the world because of their easy going nature.

Things that you should know about Kune Kunes

  • Medium Sized Breed
  • Not big rooters
  • Odorless
  • Mostly Grass Fed
  • family friendly
  • They have wattles!! (look it up…kinda cute)
  • Great meat breed (if that is what you are interested in)

Why Registered

Two Kunekune gilts (girls)
Evangeline & Tiana. Unregistered gilts

Registered Kunekunes are important for a couple reasons. Since the breed was on the brink of extinction this helps maintain the breed. All registered pigs must have lineage and DNA test to confirm their genetics prior to registering. That along with responsible breeding will help this adorable breed of pig be around for a long time.

There are two associations in the USA; AKKPS and AKPR. We have already become members of the AKKPS will be joining the AKPR as well. Both registries have benefits and you can dual register your piglets as well. I highly suggest checking out both of their websites for more info.

While unregistered Kunekunes are just as amazing there is no guarantee that the pig you are getting is full Kune. Therefore there could be a dilution in the genetic pool…or the opposite; you could have a very inbred pig. The registration process helps guarantee the genetics and health of your pigs.


We are new to personal experience with Kunekunes but in the short time I have been a Kune Mama I can tell you that they are the SWEETEST things I have ever seen. I have been snuggled and loved by two little piglets that have stolen my heart. They are so easy going and smart I can see how people fall in love with them so easily.


Cream KuneKune boar piglet
This is Ray. Our first registered boar.

One huge benefit to Kunekunes is they are mostly grass fed foragers. This means that they love to graze, eat acorns, and much on veggies and fruit (as a treat). You can and should supplement with a small amount of feed for some added vitamins and minerals. However, be careful because Kunes can overeat and become over weight easily. So monitor how much you are feeding your pigs.


I love to research things I am passionate about and there is a ton of information online regarding Kunekunes. It is clear that those that have them love the breed. I highly recommend checking out the registry websites listed above.

Also, there are groups on Facebook for Kunekunes that are full of knowledge. I joined just to be a fly on the wall for a few months before we bought our piglets. Honestly, the best info comes from those who work with and love on their own Kunekunes everyday.

I will be writing more about our experience with our Kunes, who they are, and possible future piglets. You can also follow along with all of their cuteness on our Instagram (Carlisle Acres).

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