Vanilla Biscotti “Scotti” (BH Tutaki/Kereopa) AKKPS 46569

BH Tutaki/Kereopa
AKKPS 46569
COI 3.9%

DOB 5/17/24
Teats 8/7
Tri (B)
2 Wattles

Biscotti or “Scotti” will be the only boar we are making available from Nilla’s litter. He is a gorgeous tri-belt with size and a pedigree to match. His 8/7 teat line does not disappoint. He has 2 wattles. One is well attached and the other is hanging on for dear life. This will not affect his ability to pass wattles onto his offspring.

DNA Pending, however his sisters came back as Mandrake’s (BH Tutaki) so we are assuming he is as well. His DNA is in the mail now.

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