Shadow (Ru/BH Rebecca Gina)AKKPS 15572

AKKPS 15572
DOB 3/10/21
Ru/BH Rebecca Gina
6/7 Teat Line

2 Wattles
3.5897% COI

Shadow is the head hog around here. He has sired a handful of litters for us and we have been so in love with each pairing. He has given us all double wattled piglets (even when paired with unwattled sows). He has thrown everything from black/white, ginger/black, brown/white, and white/brown.

His piglets are always gorgeous, strong, and healthy. The only reason we are considering rehoming him is because we have retained several of his offspring and need to make room in the boar pen. We are being very selective about where he goes.

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