Opal (Jenny/Whakanui) AKKPS 31029

AKKPS 31029
DOB 10/17/22
6/6 Teat Line

2 Wattles
4.4578% COI

We have decided to re-home Opal. She is a smaller gilt. She will be priced accordingly. Her mama and daddy are large pigs and we think she will eventually be too. Some pigs are just slower to mature.

I am in love with Opal. She came to us from Arkansas. We got her at 3 months old and only weighing 12 lbs. She has fought to grow and get healthy and it has made her into a tough, snuggly, sweet gilt. While she is currently a bit smaller than the other pigs her age we anticipate she will fill out and be just as large (We’ve seen her mama & Daddy).

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