Lottie Dottie (BH Rebecca Gina/Whakanui) AKKPS 16260

AKKPS 16260
DOB 4/6/21
BH Rebecca Gina/Whakanui
6/5 Teat Line

White/Black (B)
2 Watttles
2.6939% COI

Lottie Dottie came to us from Higher Ground in Alabama at about 6 months of age. She is a gorgeous high white. She is one of those sows with mothering abilities you dream of. She has her babies without trouble, and nurses during delivery. She loves her babies…and her dinner. Don’t mess with dinner time.

Lottie had a litter of 5 and then a litter of 7. She keeps her weight well while nursing and we just love her!

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