We currently have 6 breeding Boars on property with the following bloodlines. All are double wattled with the exception of 1. They all have amazing temperaments!

Current Bloodlines

  • Andrew
  • Ru
  • BH Tutaki

Gilts & Sows

When it comes to gilts and Sows we are lucky! All of our ladies are incredible! We currently have 10 gilts each with their own unique qualities.

Current Bloodlines

  • Jenny
  • Sally
  • Haunene
  • Rona
  • BH Rebecca Gina
  • Kereopa
  • Unregistered (Wilsons Gina)


Ophelia & Shadow welcomed 6 bouncing piglets on April 21st!

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Kunekune Projects

Check out how we made our barrel pig waterer