DIY Halloween Decor Kit Instructions & More

First of all…Thank you for buying the Halloween Sign Decor Kit. If you are just here to check it out, that is cool too! Welcome! You will find tons of extras here.

I made this kit for my teenage daughter. She loves crafting, decorating her room, and putting her own spin on things. This kit is perfect for kids, tweens, teens, and even adults. You are never too old to get crafty!


This kit includes

  • (3) Unique laser cut 5 inch signs
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • Bonus: Stand to display your signs

You can purchase additional stands or hang your signs with command strips or 2 sided tape if you desire.


This is a very simple kit.

Paint the signs however you choose. These are two layers so plan accordingly. I like to do the top a solid color, but it is up to you! Get creative.

Once dry use wood glue or craft glue to glue the two pieces together to create one sign. Play with the alignment before you glue so you know how you would like them placed.

When everything is dry display your new creations. These are cute as a tier tray decoration, on the wall, and so much more.

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