DIY Fairy Door Kit Instructions & Extras

First of all…Thank you for buying the Fairy Door Kit. If you are just here to check it out, that is cool too! Welcome! You will find tons of extras here.


In this fairy door kit you will find

  • Fairy door (2 pieces; frame and back)
  • Welcome mat
  • Fairy signs
  • Fairy Ladder
  • Mailbox
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • some fairy extras


Paint your fairy door and accessories in any way you choose. Get creative!

Attach the front door frame to the back with some wood or craft glue.

Now it is time to decide if your door is going inside or outside.


If it is going inside you can set up your door and pieces wherever you choose. Hang them up with double-sided tape or a command strip. The fairy ladder is there to help your fairy climb over the baseboard if needed.


If your door is going to go outside or in the garden you are going to want to treat your door with a protective coating like polyurethane. This can be found at any hardware store. Set up your door as you choose outside.

Fairy Facts

Did you know?

  • Fairies bring good luck wherever they go.
  • If you love your fairy and believe in your fairy it will stay with you forever!
  • Fairies are very good at blowing away bad dreams.
  • Fairies love shiny things, like buttons, charms, & paperclips.

Fairy Treats

Keep the fairy fun going with some of these tasty fairy treats!

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