Chi (Jenny/Whakanui) AKKPS 31030

AKKPS 31030
DOB 10/19/23
Jenny Whakanui
5/7 Teat Line

2 Wattles
4.4578% Coi

Chi could possibly be one of the biggest snuggle bugs ever! She loves to cuddle close and come running for attention.

Both of her parents are quite large, however Chi (Shy) is small. We are unsure if she will continue to stay smaller or hit a growth spurt. Her sister, Opal, is also available.

These piglets didn’t come to us until January 2023 and were very small for their age. We have really worked with them to get them where they are. We feel like the deserve a chance to be breeders because of their amazing temperament and personalities.

Her price will be lower due to her smaller stature.

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